The past few years has seen an exciting expansion of medications for weight loss. Both brand name and generic combinations. Both in pill form and as injectable.

Medical Weight loss medications, added to a prudent diet and exercise commitment, can double your excepted weight loss, reduce the meal consumption, and reduce food cravings

BMI, Body Mass Index, is a calculation which is used medically to determine an individuals weight risk. The BMI calculation is based upon ones height and weight. Unfortunately, it does not take into account ones muscle mass. The greater the BMI, the increased incidence of weight related diseases exists.

Weight related diseases include elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, elevated cholesterol, sleep apnea, arthritis, stroke and cancer.

For example, someone 5 feet 8 Inches tall, who weighs greater than 197 pounds is considered obese, greater than 164 pounds is overweight.*

A second factor that is important is ones muscle mass. A greater percentage of muscle mass to ones weight is beneficial.

*It is important to remember that those people who are more muscular, will have a greater weight, and therefore a greater BMI. Yet, the weight, and BMI, will be composed of muscle.